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Playing Games Together

No doubt you’ve heard the message “play with your child” but what they don’t tell you is what games are good to play and how to play them.  Did you know it’s these two things – the what and how – that makes the difference to your child’s development?

So why take the time to play with your child? Well, research shows us play allows children to use their creativity as they develop their imagination, dexterity, and physical, cognitive, and social and emotional skills.  Phew! That’s a lot of areas play can influence. Play is also so important for healthy brain development. Most of all play is fun and simple joy that children love and by playing with your child,  you are giving them time when they feel special.

To help you out we’re going to answer the what and how for playing with your child by telling you about a game we like to use in clinic and sharing our top three tips on how to play the game to encourage your child’s listening, talking and thinking skills.

Name of game

PIZZA, PIZZA! by Orchard Toys

What’s it about?

This is a fun and interactive game in which players take turns spinning both spinner and choosing a pizza slice card from the table that matcher either the colour or the shape shown on one of the spinners and place it on the correct space on their pizza board. However, if the pizza slice shows bug/insect toppings, all players shout “in the bin” and the slice is put onto the bin on the Head Chef board. The first person who makes a delicious bug/insect free pizza wins!

3 ways to play

When it comes to games you don’t have to follow the instructions. Modifying the way you play means you can teach your child a whole bunch of new skills using just one game! So, here are 3 ways to play:

1. Ask your child to describe the pizza slice and the toppings on it.

Have the pizza slices faced down on the table and ask your child to spin the spinners and pick up the corresponding slice.

2. Take turns asking for a slice of pizza from each other’s board

Have different slices of pizza on your boards and take turns asking for a slice of pizza from each other’s board by describing and using simple phrases, for example, “can I please have the x”. Your child will need to listen carefully to your descriptions to choose the correct pizza slice. Make it fun and pretend to pay for each pizza slice and add in some funny characters and phrases, for example, “that will be $2 please sir”.

3. Create your own pizza’s

Have fun choosing all the slices with the same colour on the back and then once your pizza is complete flip the slices over and share with each other the types of pizza slices you have and whether they would be delicious or disgusting (depending on whether they have bugs/insects on them).

3 skills your child can learn:

  1. Taking turns, waiting, and following instructions
  2. Using descriptive language and extending their vocabulary by targeting specific words or groups of words (e.g. pronouns, adjectives, etc)
  3. Roleplay and conversation skills (e.g. turn-taking, topic maintenance, asking questions, making comments)


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