Top 5 Indoor Activities for Winter

With winter upon us there are days when layering up and heading out goes in the too hard basket.  But then the children get cabin fever and turn into something resembling these delightful characters…

So, here are our top 5 activities to keep the kids entertained while you enjoy the warmth and comfort of your home.

  1. Have a putt with indoor golf.  You don’t need a play golf set to make this one happen.  Grab some aluminium foil and scrunch it into a ball…golf ball sorted.  Pull out a wooden spoon…golf club sorted. Place some cups around the room…holes sorted.  Then let the game begin!
  2. Hide away in an indoor cubby house.  It’s as simple as putting some chairs fairly close together and draping a sheet over them.  Secure it with the pegs, throw in some cushions or pillows and you’re done.  The other option is to just put the sheet over the dining table and, voila, done!  Children of all ages will enjoy spending time hidden away in their secret cave.
  3. Snuggle up and read a book together.  Make yourself a warm drink, grab a blanket and find a comfy spot in your home.  One of the best things you can do when you’re reading with your child is to make it interactive.  In other words, forget about reading the text, talk about the pictures, answer their questions and let them take the lead.  Fore more ideas head to our blogs on The Very Hungry Caterpillar and Mr McGee and the Biting Flea!
  4. Get cooking.  You may not be the next Masterchef but we promise you’ll be able to whip up some play dough together.  Here’s a no cooking recipe:
    2 cups of plain flour
    4 tbs McKenzie’s Cream of Tartar
    1 cup of salt
    2 tbs of cooking oil
    2 cups of boiling water
    Food colouring
    Put all the dry ingredients in a bowl.  Put the oil and food colouring in a jug.  Add the boiling water to the jug.  Pour the wet ingredients into the bowl and mix.
    This should keep them entertained for hours as they mainpulate and create to their heart’s content
  5. Rug them up and send them outside. Ok, so this isn’t an indoor activity but sometimes they just need to be outside!  This of course depends on their age and if you have an outdoor area.  If it’s safe to do so let them play outdoors, there are lots of benefits to this type of play for both their brain and their body!

We hope these help you survive the Winter and have some fun with your children at the same time!