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Talk Play Grow exists for one reason: To help children communicate, connect and succeed.

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Our team of Speech Pathologists work hard every day to help children access one of their basic human rights, communication. They do this through comprehensive assessments, individualised goal achievement plans and fun and engaging therapy sessions using our best practice systems. They work in the clinic, in the community and using online platforms.

Who is a fit for the TPG family?

The TPG family is a carefully chosen bunch!

To fit in our family you’ve got to be a positive, energetic person who loves working with children. You’ve also got to love constantly learning and be able to take on feedback. Egos aren’t welcome in our family, nor is mediocrity. We’re all about supporting each other and celebrating our successes!

A typical week (if there’s such a thing!) for our speechies would likely include:

  • Helping children and their families in clinic, in their community and/or online
  • Completing comprehensive assessments
  • Creating and writing goal achievement plans
  • Delivering fun and engaging therapy sessions using our best practice systems
  • Planning and running group therapy programs
  • Educating parents on strategies and updating them on progress
  • Reflecting on your practice and finding opportunities for growth
  • Having scheduled lunch breaks with the team
  • Working between 8am and 6pm Monday to Friday (that’s right, no weekend work!)

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