How to use water to get your child talking more

Do you want to know how to get your child talking more and reduce their frustration and tantrums? Then keep reading…

Now, as your baby gets older their thinking skills develop more and have lots of things they want to tell you about. They want to ask you for more milk, they want to tell you about their favourite toy, they want to find out where Mummy is when she leaves the room…normally within the first 3 seconds!  But if they don’t have the words to use can’t do this and that typically leads to massive frustration and tantrums. So if you’ve got a child who isn’t talking yet or only using 1-3 word little sentences when they talk then keep reading because I’m going to give you 3 ways to help them talk more and reduce their frustration using water play.


So, one of the magic ingredients for talking is water. Now stick me and I’ll explain how you can use this super cheap, readily available stuff to get your child talking more. There are a bunch of ways you can use water with your kid and don’t worry it’s not messy. Do the play outside and all you’ll potentially need is a change of clothes for afterwards. Today, I’m going to focus on 1 water play activity you can do with babies through to preschoolers and your school age kids will probably enjoy them too just quietly. Now the activity is 1 part but the most important part of the play is what you do with your child so I’m going to give you 3 strategies that will help your child talk more and reduce their frustration.


For this first water play activity you’ll need to raid your kitchen. Grab a bunch of different sized pots or mixing bowls, funnels, spoons, a sieve. Fill up a jug with water and outside you go with your child. I call this activity ‘mix and pour’. It’s simply pouring and mixing the water using the different containers and utensils you’ve got. But you’ve got to use the strategies otherwise you’re child won’t be learning any new words. So, the strategies.


First, is to create a temptation or a reason for them to communicate with you. Don’t pour the water straight into the bowl. Hold off and look expectantly at child as if you’re waiting for them to tell you what to do with the water. Then if they tell you to pour only pour a little bit in and wait again. It’s a really natural way to encourage your child to use words to get their message across to you.


Second, once you’ve poured the water in, watch what your child is doing and copy them. Kids love it when you copy what they’re doing and they’re then more likely to copy you back including your copying your words. So , if your child is splashing you splash too, if your child is dipping their fingers in you dip too, if your child is stirring you grab another spoon and stir too.


And lastly, you want to make comments as you’re playing together. Not questions but comments. So not what are you doing? But rather pour the water, scoop the water, mix it around. There are so many more words your child will hear, pay attention to and learn when you make comments as they play. Make comments on actions like the ones I just said, make comments about the utensils you’re using oh a big bowl, the spoon is little and also how things feel oh the water is cold, your shirt is wet, a rough sieve.


So those are 3 ways to help your child talk more using mix and pour water play: create temptations to use words, copy what they’re doing and make comments as you play.


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