5 Skills Your Child Must Have Before Starting School

Are you wondering if your child is ready for school next year? This is an important article that could make the world of difference to your child’s schooling success.


“Children who know numbers, can write their name and read letters before starting school are no more successful than those who can’t.  You need to know the critical skills children must have before school to be successful.”


If children have not developed these critical skills and have not received effective intervention from a passionate health professional then they will struggle to learn at school, lack self-confidence and as they get older the gap won’t be able to be reversed.

When your child sees a health professional, someone who lives and breathes treating delays in development every day, someone who is passionate and celebrates your child’s wins, you’ll finally be in the right hands. Your child will then develop the critical skills they need and in doing so gain confidence, make friends and succeed at school.


“Forget about your child knowing numbers, letters and colours and the plethora of ‘school readiness’ programs out there.  There is NO evidence to show these make a difference to a child’s academic, social or emotional success”


If you want to set your child up for success at school then keep reading. Knowing about these next five skills might just change your child’s life.

#1 Language skills

These skills are proven by research to impact on a child’s academic achievement.  Children need to be able to put sentences together, ask and answer questions, tell short stories, use correct grammar and more in order to thrive at school.

#2 Resilience

This is all about being able to ‘bounce back’ after a challenge and research has also shown this is a critical skills for schooling success. Children need to be able turn around their thoughts and self-talk when the going gets tough and think positively.

#3 Fine motor skills

Another set of skills proven to have an effect on a child’s learning is their fine motor skills. They need them to do up buttons, unzip their jumper and write with a pencil.  All incredibly important things to be able to do at school.

#4 Concentration

Concentration is another key skill children must have for success both at school and in life.  They’ve got to able to focus and pay attention to learn new things and complete tasks.  And this includes being able to concentrate on story books.

#5 Social skills

Both in and out of the classroom, school days are filled with taking turns, solving problems, negotiating and understanding other people’s points of view.  These social skills are essential for children to achieve success at school.


If you want to check your child has all the critical skills for schooling success then you’ll be glad to learn that we’ve developed the ‘Get Set for School’ checklist.  It’s an easy to follow checklist to help you set your child up for success.  It covers the critical skills proven to improve your child’s academic, social and emotional success at school as well as ways you can help your child develop these critical skills at home.  To get it, simply click here  and you’ll get access to your FREE download.