Book Central – The Wonky Donkey

No doubt you’ve heard the message “read books with your child” but what they don’t tell you is what books to read and how to read them. Did you know it’s these two things – the what and how – that makes the difference to your child’s development?
We know from research that children who are not read to have a poorer understanding of language, their vocabularies are smaller, and their thinking skills are less advanced. And this means they go on to have trouble learning to read themselves. So, reading the right books in the right way to your child is critical to their development.
To help you out we’re going to answer the what and how or book reading with one fantastic book and our top three tips to make sure the way you’re reading is improving your child’s listening, talking and thinking skills.

The Wonky Donkey – Craig Smith

What’s it about?

The Wonky Donkey is a children’s book and song which talks about a donkey who has three legs and one eye. It is a funny cumulative story using many descriptive words to describe how the donkey looks, smells and what he looks like.

Our top 3 tips

1. Children love funny stories. Laughter is contagious and if you can actively enjoy the books you are reading with your child, chances are they’re going to love them and want to do them with you over and over.
2. Children love and respond to repetition, and this book repeats many silly words and phrases over and over allowing your child to remember them, giving them opportunities to join in the story as it progresses.
3. The Wonky Donkey is also a song and therefor has a rhythmic flow to it which also helps capture your child’s interest and learning. Talk to your child about rhythm and consider listening to the song together joining in with the words.



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