Book Central: Cat and Dog Go Bananas

No doubt you’ve heard the message “read books with your child” but what they don’t tell you is what books to read and how to read them.  Did you know it’s actually these two things – the what and how – that makes the difference to your child’s development?

We know from research that children who are not read to have poorer understanding of language, their vocabularies are smaller and their thinking skills are less advanced.  And this means they go on to have trouble learning to read themselves.  So, reading the right books in the right way to your child is critical to their development.

To help you out we’re going to answer the what and how or book reading with one fantastic book and our top three tips to make sure the way you’re reading is helping your child communicate, connect and succeed!

One of our favourites is Cat and Dog Go Bananas by Jonathan Bentley

What’s it about?

This is an exciting rhyming book about Cat and Dog who have found out there are a number of wild animals trapped in their apartment block. Cat and Dog decide they need to set them free! Whatever could go wrong?

Our top 3 tips

1. Find a quiet time to read together.

When you and your child sit down together to read through the book find a quiet space without distractions. This encourages the maximum potential for your child to listen and take part in the storytelling.

2. Look at the pictures before reading

Take some time before reading the book to flick through the pages and look at the pictures together discussing what you can see in them and what might be happening in the story. This can be fun as you chat together about what you can see and what might happen next.

3. Encourage your child to join in the reading of the book.

This can be done easily by using a simple strategy that does not involve reading. Sentence completion along with pointing to the picture will encourage your child’s confidence with book sharing. e.g. then they saw the…….


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