Our Core Values

Talk Play Grow exists for one reason: To help children communicate, connect and succeed.

Our values at Talk Play Grow are what set us apart from others and guide us in achieving amazing results for our children, their families and their communities.

We use our core values as a compass, regularly referring to them to keep us on track. All our decisions are guided by these four core values:

Respect Everyone

We believe that everyone is important.
And so…

  • We communicate clearly, openly and honestly
  • We do what we say we’ll do
  • We are humble and caring
  • We are always on time
  • We take responsibility for our actions

Pursue Growth

We are constantly seeking to improve.
And so...

  • We embrace challenges and change
  • We share our knowledge and skills
  • We are always problem solving and looking for solutions
  • We are open to feedback
  • We strive for our goals

Exceed Expectations

We like to leave a lasting impression.
And so…

  • We are passionate about our purpose
  • We lead with confidence and get results
  • We smile at everyone we meet
  • We get to know people and remember the personal stuff
  • We show our appreciation, we give back

Find the Fun

We bring positivity and energy that inspires.
And so...

  • We find fun and motivating ways to do our work
  • We always look for the positives
  • We celebrate the wins of ourselves, our colleagues and our clients
  • We laugh often
  • We are grateful